Food & Beverages
Company type
Large enterprise
Quality assurance
€10 hourly

Nutella spread is lovely. Brilliant on a piece of toast, some waffles, pancakes or just eating it straight.

If only there was a way to get paid for eating Nutella. It’s the dream, right? Then it’s a good thing some dreams come true isn’t - there is now a job opening where you can earn money for eating the popular spread.

Nutella maker Ferrero are currently looking for 60 applicants to taste-test their products. The only qualification you need is that you love chocolate and hazelnuts.

Anyone with nut allergies do not apply.

The lucky candidate will get three months training at Ferrero’s research arm, Soremartec Italia, to refine their taste buds and teach them to put their taste experience into words.

Then you get to taste spoonful of the luscious chocolate spread for four hours a week over a two-day period.

Although the salary is ‘competitive’ the downside is that four hours’ work is unlikely to be enough to live on.

But, unsurprisingly the company cliams there had been a lot of interest, and all 60 positions to be filled by September.

So put down that slice of Nutella toast and get applying now. You'll find the job on the Open Job Metis website.