Tourism, travel & hospitality
Company type
Large enterprise
£50 hourly

A £3 billion resort in the Bahamas, a luxury beach resort is looking for a new CFO – and no, we’re not talking looking after its finances.

its looking for a new Chief Flamingo Officer, who will be in charge of taking care of the resort’s flamingos.

Yes, this is a real job and yes, you need to apply immediately.

If the idea of spending your days soaking up in the sunshine and hanging out with flamingos sounds like bliss, then this might be the dream job for you.

The job? Spending your days with the flamingos as they chill on the beach and in the hotel's 'Flamingo Mansion', while also meeting guests and taking them on tours of the area to teach them more about the iconic pink birds.

Which of course includes spending the majority of your day baking in the sunshine while ensuring the flamingos are cared for.

Duties will include demonstrating knowledge of animal care, maintaining displays and exhibits - which includes a ‘Flamingo Mansion’, which features both indoor and outdoor elements - and monitoring the birds carefully for behavioural, reproductive and medical problems.

Sure, it sounds like a lot, but i'm talking hanging with a bunch of pink flamingos on a luxury resort, people.

But just before you go forward and quit your job, it is important to note that you have to meet some specific criteria to be right for the job.

You must have a degree in zoology or a related field, and at least five years of experience working with and caring for exotic birds.

If becoming a Chief Flamingo Officer is your dream job - let’s face it and any job in the Bahamas is an amazing one - you can apply here.

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