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Gold Class CBD™ ( luxury domain name

Cannabis CBD products are becoming increasingly popular as oils, vapes, and even foods. But only the best are 'Gold Class' certified.

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If you've heard of CBD, then you'll know it is the next big thing in health and well-being. This wonder oil is having massive positive effects on many ailments including insomnia, joint pains, Alzheimer's disease, and depression.

But what is going to make one product better than another in the eyes of the customer? Right now it's hard to work out which brand gives you the most benefit. The only way to understand it is to label and market your products with a name that customers can relate to and trust.

Gold Class CBD™ is an opportunity to provide only the finest CBD products that have earned 'Gold Class' certification. will set the standard for other CBD manufactuers to follow and define a whole new segment of CBD products for the luxury market.

There is also a patent application specifically mentioning breeding Gold Class CBD.

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