Digital Goods (Edge Glue) edge computing premium domain name

Edge Computing with AI is going to take technology to a whole new level. Be the glue in this new wave of future tech.

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Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM have been providing cloud computing services for a while. Whether or not you trust them with your personal data is one thing, but almost everything that can be centralised in the cloud has been done.

Most of the new opportunities in technology now lie at the “edge.” Edge computing takes place at or near the device source, instead of relying on the cloud to do all the work. What this means is less latency or "lag" for devices that need to make decisions quickly e.g. autonomous cars in safety situations.

Edge computing is the 'glue' between devices and the Cloud through real-time processing, caching, analytics and leaving the Big Data stuff to the Cloud. is a memorable and self-descriptive name which stands out from the crowd. Take advantage of this unique and exclusive domain name before your competion does!

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