Digital Goods (Halocle / Halocles) next-generation smart spectacles glasses domain name

Halo and Spectacle come together to form Halocle; a potentially groundbreaking mobile wearable with halo lighting for low-light photography.

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Mobile wearables are becoming more and more popular with the likes of AR digital spectacles, smart watches, and other such devices becoming the norm. It may soon be unecessary to carry around a bulky smartphone wherever you go.

One of the biggest uses of a smartphone, other than calling and texting, is to capture photos and videos that can be shared with others. Each generation of smartphone improves the camera, but a challenge for any mobile device is taking photos and videos in low-light conditions. This is more of a problem for smartglasses where a light source has to be integrated into the frame.

Halocles could be a new type of smartglasses with integrated 'halo' lighting which can be activated in low-light conditions to take beautiful photos anytime, anywhere. From music festivals to home videos, the applications for halocles are endless and most certainely will be used in the future.

This is a bundle deal with two premium domain names included:

  • (singular e.g. spectacle)
  • (plural e.g. spectacles)