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Solid State Chargers ( / premium domain for solid state battery chargers and generators

Toyota and Dyson are investing heavily in solid state batteries which will power flagship smartphones and other devices in the near future

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The battery in your smartphone or car is probably lithium-ion, which is made up of lithium electrodes set in a chemical electrolyte. It hasn't changed much in the past 10 years as it is light, rechargeable, and charges relatively quickly.  But despite this, Li-ion batteries have limited density, short lifespans, and can become a fire hazard when damaged or incorrectly charged.

However the next-generation of batteries are going to be solid-state that ditch the liquid electrolyte in favour of a solid material such as a polymer or ceramic.  The key benefits of a solid-state battery are: up to 6 times faster charging, 2-to-10 times longer battery life per charge, up to 10 years lifespan, and no flammable components.

These batteries, and even the standard Li-ion, will benefit from solid-state chargers (e.g. powerbanks, generators etc) that can supply more power for longer.  Imagine going to a festival with only a single solid state charger and having enough juice to power all your devices!

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