Digital Goods (Overture Flights) supersonic airliner premium domain name

Boom's new Overture is the next commerical aircraft to fly at supersonic speeds after Concorde. Demand is expected to outstrip supply.

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Supersonic flight is finally making a comeback after Concorde!  Fly at Mach 2.2 supersonic speeds on the new 55-seater Boom Overture airliner. 

The Overture will cut 11-hour trips to 5 hours, and 5-hour trips to just 2. The company announced a $100 million investment from companies such as Google, Airbnb, and Dropbox.

If you are a travel agent that wants to get in on selling tickets for airliners operating Overture flights, this is the best domain to own. Overture prices will be similar to today’s business class which means it will become accessible to millions more people and main good profitability - two things the Concorde failed at.

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