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Police issue warning over almost-undetectable ATM cashpoint scam

British Transport Police

British Transport Police are warning the public about a new and almost-undetectable scam to steal people's card details is being used across the UK.

While many ‘card skimming’ machines are bulky and can easily be seen, the new devices are near-invisible.

The criminals have attached a blanking grey tile in which you can see a small hole above the keypad. This hides the pinhole camera which is pointing downwards to steal your PIN number as you type it in.

Combined with a skimmer device which is installed inside the card slot itself, the criminals have everything to go on spending sprees with a clone of your card.

This particular machine was found on a cashpoint outside Sainsbury’s in Manchester Piccadilly. Such new slimline ATM skimmers are proving far harder to spot - with some of the advanced models remaining in place for up to five days before banks are alerted.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam like this then inform your bank and the Police immediately.