Jemma Murphy


Viewers shocked to see 'child caught smoking' during football game

Or so it appeared.

When two Turkish football teams played a friendly match to raise money for cancer, people freaked-out when they saw ‘a child’ smoking in the stadium. At least that's how it appeared.

Bursaspor and Fenerbahce football clubs arranged the game to raise funds for charities that fight against diseases like leukaemia and to organisations that help children with Down’s syndrome and autism.

But when the camera came away from the pitch and went to the audience, there was a youngster taking a drag from a cigarette.

In the video posted by @objektifdegilim, another young fan sat next to the smoking ‘child’ seemed to be completely fine next to the tobacco fumes.

So who is the child at the centre of the controversy? And where were his parents when he decided to light up in the middle of a game?

Well it turns out he's actually a 36-year-old man.

He had simply brought his son along to watch the game together. Some thought it was a case of ‘Benjamin Button’ while others thought he had drunk from the fountain of youth.

But this story might not be over yet as smoking is banned in all public places in Turkey, including sports stadiums. It carries a fine of 69 Turkish lira – about £13 – but there is no confirmation as to whether he has been caught by the police.

Just in case you were thinking about it, let me assure you that smoking is not a way to maintain a youthful appearance.