Amelia Kellermann


Why the tech industry is just a different flavour of the music industry

After reading an article about "The death of the tech unicorn?" by Oliver Lennon, I realised that the start-up industry doesn't seem much different from the music industry.

Everyone wants to make it, most are mediocre, a select few get 'discovered' by investors/music-moguls, many want to make money off selling the dream of making it to others, some have a privileged background so succeed regardless of talent, the rest keep pitching to deaf ears (think demo tapes to labels), and then there are the special few who make it big off their own backs. The special few are so rare because it takes just the right set of cirumstances for it to happen.

Holy shit! I've got a book right there that I could sell to people sharing the secret to my great  success which only happened because I wrote a book sharing the secret about my great success.