Ofelia Buccho


Dad, 31, encourages teens to swap knives for JD Sports vouchers

A father is undertaking Britain’s bloody stabbing situation by rewarding people who hand in their knives with JD Sports vouchers.

Faron Paul, 31, set up a knife amnesty which collects the weapons from teenagers and then gives them to the police without revealing the identity of the original owner.

The self-described ‘daddy by day and vigilante by night’ decided to take action for the sake of his children, who he fears for  over a rush of recent murders.

He told:

Everybody wants to know why I do this. I do it because I have kids and I want them to live long and happy lives.

It’s dangerous work, so I try to protect myself with a stab-proof vest and I normally have a friend and my dog with me, too. But you never know.

But every time I take a knife off the street, I am probably saving a life and stopping someone from going to jail.

To me that is worth the risk. I’m trying to help build a better future for the next generation and a situation where local communities don’t need to live in fear.’

People message Faron through social media to set up a one-on-one meeting where they can hand over their blades.'

The 31-year-old posted a video on his account which shows three of the deadly weapons which he had collected from a single mother who had confiscated them for her son.

He says that he has had a ‘crazy response’ and has been contacted by many people.