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Lennox Lewis, 53 says he would come out of retirement to fight Mike Tyson for £76 million

Lennox Lewis has urged he would step back into the boxing ring at the age of 53 for a rematch with Mike Tyson, 52 - if he was paid $100million (£76million).

The former three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis beat Tyson through an eighth-round knockout in his penultimate fight in Memphis in 2002.

His next contest, victory over Vitali Klitschko in June 2003, was his last professional round, while Tyson, joined him in retirement three fights and two years later in 2005.

Lewis added:

'I looked at Tyson's history, he's coming from the same history that I'm coming from and he spent some time in incarceration.

While he was in incarceration I'm still out there fighting and training hard, he didn't have that in there so when he came out it was like training again doing what he knows not what he loves, that's going to make him some money - that's going to put some food on the table.

I look at old time fighters and say, what made them stay in boxing so long, that's the only thing they knew.

They're not going to be no singer or dancer or whatever they only know boxing and this is where they get their money from so that's what forces them back into the ring.'