Dine with Danika


Traditional Indian sweet snacks : Jalebi

Some sweets bring back so many memories. Jalebi is really right up there as far as my food memories are concerned. When I was little, our everyday Sunday breakfast was fixed – jalebi with milk.

We all love thin and crispy jalebi and there was this little sweet shop in the town were we lived in India and every Sunday dad would go there at 8 am in the morning and bring back hot and delicious jalebis for all of us. Those were the best jalebis I have ever tasted.
And My lil boy A never likes Indian sweets rather than "Jalebi" n he always says he want to get marry who can make "Jalebi and chicken tikka masala" for him everyday. Wish all his dreams come true.😍😍😍
Ps: N this are his Jalebis which i bought yesterday for him, i quickly grabbed them to tak pic.😀 cos of colour/memories.