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Freshly squeezed sunshine clementine juice

Cuisine: Indian
Serve as: Breakfast/Snack

Freshly squeezed clementine Juice🍊

This juice is delicious, light and refreshing - closer to fresh-squeezed orange juice than a thick banana smoothie.

This 3 - ingredient juice is suuper simple to make. So simple that I hesitated to post it, but then I thought about all the other people out there who are fighting winter colds, or worse. When energy is running low, we need the simplest of solutions, and this is one of them.

This has become the new  juice in my house, so I’ll be enjoying it even after I stag this cold! I hope you love it, too.


Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 10 minutes

Quantity: Serves 3


  • 4 clementines, preferably chilled
  • ½ cup ice
  • Tiny dash sea salt
  • Ginger(optional)

Preparation method

  1. Wash and peel clementines.
  2. Remove the white membrane
  3. Add them to a blender jar with sea salt and ice cubes.
  4. If using ginger, peel the skin and rinse well and add it to blender.