Piera DeRose


Mum catches naughty son, 6, asking Alexa for the answers to his homework

A six-year-old boy has been caught out trying to cheat on his homework - by asking Alexa for the answer.

The mum Yerelyn Cueva filmed her son sitting at their kitchen table while doing his maths homework, after hearing him ask Alexa for help.

So she quickly started filming just as the 6 yaer old turned to the device and said:

‘Alexa, what’s five minus three?’ to which Alexa quickly responded with the correct answer and Jariel begins to write his answer down.

Yerelyn, told :

"It was just any regular day of doing homework.

'I'm in the living room, and I heard him asking Alexa some math problems, and I could not believe it! What you don't see is after he says,

'Thank you Alexa for helping me with my homework.

The funny thing is that math is actually his favourite subject. I was surprised because he knows this stuff. He was just being lazy. Taking a shortcut.

Well, if there are any parents out there I’d be advising you to hide your Alexa’s – or at least turn them off while your little ones are doing their homework".