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A Russian priest is in trouble for buying too much Gucci and Louis Vuitton

A very stylish Russian priest has found himself in trouble for buying too many Gucci and Louis Vuitton products.

I think people generally imagine priests to live quite simple lives; finding pleasure in the beauty of the natural world, and being more concerned with life in general than the clothes/accessories they wear.

Apparently, Russian Orthodox priest Vyacheslav Baskakov can’t resist a designer label, and loved sharing pictures of his pricey purchases with his followers on socilal media.

Though God loves all his children, the church wasn’t too impressed with Baskakov’s lavish habits, and criticize him for spending indecent amounts of money on stylish gear, saying it was in ‘poor taste’.

Although his IG account has since been deleted, a number of screenshots were published in a , featuring everything from a bamboo-handle Dionysus bag and matching buckled boots to Louis Vuitton’s classic luggage.


The priest also went on to deny he actually owned any of the items, saying he had just been trying them on in the store, and added that he had occasionally sewn buckles and trims onto what were actually cheap shoes:

“So they’re inexpensive, but they look festive.” He also claimed he suffers from neuralgia and that doctors had told him wearing different clothes could help alleviate his symptoms. “So that’s what it came to, changing what I could – my shoes and scarf.”