Leah Athaldo


Student demands her roommates take a $500 DNA test to find out who stole her $2 yogurt cup

If you’ve lived with roommates or worked at an office, you’ve probably been a victim before. Stealing food is not a joke, especially if it’s a favorite leftover or something you were really looking forward to eating.

But one woman took it so far as to demand her roommates get DNA tested to figure out which one had been stealing her yogurt.

The chinese unnamed woman from Taipei and currently lives with five other women, discovered one of her $2 yoghurt cup in a bin and freaked out, demanding the thief confess. As you’d expect no one accepted to the crime.

So, she took matters into her own hands. She took the cup and went to the nearby police station. The officer took her case seriously - since theft is theft - and asked her roommates to come down for DNA testing. Yes, you heard it right.

Reports say that $500 worth of testing was done before finding the theif, who was actually charged with theft.

So food thieves, be aware — even if it seems like a petty crime to you, people might start taking these things more seriously.