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Radio station stops playing traditional Christmas song because it's too controversial

Baby, it's going to be lonely this Christmas.

You've probably never thought twice about the famous Christmas duet "Baby It’s Cold Outside" when it comes on the radio or TV.

The song was recorded in 1949 for the movie "Neptune’s Daughter" and went on to win an Oscar for the Best Original Song in 1950, but one radio station now considers it too controversial to play.

The station based in Cleveland, USA has removed the song from its playlist following complaints by Snowflakes that it is inappropriate and against the recent #MeToo movement.

What is a Snowflake?
A "snowflake" is a term used to describe used an overly sensitive person who thinks the world revolves around them. They believe they have a right to be protected from anything unpalatable.

The name comes from the phrase "special snowflake", meaning somebody who is self-obsessed and fragile, easily offended, or unable to deal with different opinions.

It first became popular as an insult after the release of 1996 movie Fight Club in which one of the lines is "You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake".

The song, when taken out of context, appears to be about a woman who needs to go home, and a man who keeps asking her to stay by taking her coat off her and encouraging her to have a drink with him, despite her saying no.

The lyrics to the song include:

"I really can’t stay (Baby don’t hold out), I ought to say no, no, no (Mind if I move in closer), Say, what’s in this drink?"

Some Snowflakes have claimed the line ‘Say, what’s in this drink?’ eludes to date rape.

Of course, the song is from a time when ladies and gentlemen actually existed and weren't out to claim rape after potentially regretful relationships. However there is an argument that the narrative shouldn't be celebrated when there are other songs to replace it.

Jen Kirkman said:

"I’m so tired of this. The song seems odd now not cuz it’s about coercing sex but about a woman who knows her reputation is ruined if she stays. “Say what’s in this drink” is an old movie line from the 30’s that means “I’m telling the truth.” She wanted to get down and stay over.

He is offering her an excuse she can use. “But it’s cold outside.” And she’s explaining to him that excuse doesn’t work when you’re a woman who has to deal with what the neighbors think. The song has a lot to teach us about how society views women’s sexuality. But the lesson of this song is NOT that it’s about forcing a woman into sex.

If you want to be outraged, be outraged about what the song is actually about – the double standard in regards to sex that women face and how nothing much has changed. And then enjoy the song. It’s a delight.

The song ends with her joining him in the chorus of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” She’s staying over. She will deal with her Maiden Aunt tomorrow."

Sondra Miller, president of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, said the song "pushed the lines of consent" when the character in the song is saying ‘no’, and the other person is saying well, ‘Does no really mean no?’

Some people think it's outdated and sexist while others think it’s political correctness gone mad.

All I know is that if this carries on there's going to be a lot of single people in the world soon and they've only got themselves to blame.

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