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Another whale found dead with 6kg plastic in its stomach in Indonesia

Single-use plastic has to stop.

A dead sperm whale found dead in national park in Indonesia had nearly 6kg (13 lbs) of plastic waste in its stomach.

Items found included 115 plastic cups, four plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags, two flip-flops, a nylon sack and more than 1,000 other assorted pieces of plastic.

The carcass of the 9.5m (31ft) mammal was found in waters near Kapota Island in the Wakatobi National Park late on Monday.

Dwi Suprapti, a marine species conservation coordinator at WWF Indonesia said:

“Although we have not been able to deduce the cause of death, the facts that we see are truly awful.

She said it was not possible to determine if the plastic had caused the whale’s death because of the animal’s advanced state of decay."

According to Greenpeace an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in oceans each year and over one million marine animals (including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, and birds) are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean.

Following the news of the sperm whale dying in Indonesia, a petition was set up to immediately regulate plastic bag usage.