Brayden Onslow


You can buy a £19.99 mini Dyson vacuum cleaner for kids – and it actually works

Perfect christmas present!

All little girls and boys copy their mums and dads in some way - whether it's pretending to make cups of tea, or pretend to be cooking or putting on heels.

And if your son or daughter loves to help around the house while you're doing the cleaning, Dyson has the ideal appliance for you.

They're selling a mini version of their handheld vacuum cleaner. It's a bargain at just £19.99 and can probably keep your mini-me occupied for hours.

The super cute vacuum is a replica of the brand's latest handheld DC59 model.

To make the toy even more appealing to children, there’s a clear cylinder filled with colourful plastic balls which will whip around when you start the hoover.

So if your home is a bit dusty, you can combine play time with a bit of a spring clean.