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14-year-old schoolgirl beaten so badly she will never be able to have children

The ordeal took three hours.

A schoolgirl was set upon by five other girls aged 13-14 and beaten so badly that doctors have said she may never be able to have children in the future.

The girl was allegedly lured to a secluded area by a boy she had a crush on. He invited her to go on a walk with him which led to a three hour abmush by the other girls.

The attack was filmed and shows her being repeatedly punched and in the head and kicked while she lay on the floor.

 One of the bullies can also be seen jumping on her head and body.

At one point she manages to get to her knees but is then kicked in the head, before having her hair grabbed and being kneed in the face.

She was eventually able to get home after suffering for three hours and called an ambulance.

The authorities said:

"Police are checking the incident. All those involved have been identified and are being interrogated."

The teenager was taken to intensive care in the town of Mineralnye Vody in Russia where the attack happened.