Owen Miller


Tesco employee suing for £20,000 after colleague farted in his face

True story.

A Tesco employee is suing the company and claiming he suffered racism after a senior colleague broke wind in his face.

Atif Masood, 42, is a customer assistant at a Tesco supermarket and he is demanding £20,000 in compensation because of the bullying.

He says a colleague farted in his face while another watched and laughed as part of a campaign of acts against him because of his Muslim background.

Tesco denies that the man has suffered discrimination - though an internal investigation revealed that there was evidence of the farting allegation being true. 

Rather than racism, Tesco's investigation found that the incident and statements were intended 'as a joke'.

Mr Masood believes that he is being 'bullied' by colleagues in the store and in legal papers claimed it was because he is Pakistani.

The papers were submitted to the London South employment tribunal and a hearing is due to take place next year.

Mr Masood also claims in the papers, seen by the Evening Standard, that he received abuse through the chat app Whatsapp and received comments such as "Muslims are terrorists".

He also says that he was abused in front of customers.