Khana Lazeez




Cuisine: American
Serve as: Dessert

When you belong to a small town & creamcheese is not available,u need to use your brain & find a substitute.Here hungcurd comes as a rescue.

Prep: 30 minutes
Cook: 450 minutes
Total: 480 minutes

Quantity: 6


Gelatine 1tsp
Warm water ¹/² bowl
Hungcurd 2cup
Whipped cream 2cup
Digestive biscuits 8-10
Melted Butter ¹/² cup
Melted chocolate ¹/² cup

Preparation method

1.Mix gelatine and water and keep it aside.
2.Now take a grinder & make powder of digestive biscuits.
3.Take a bowl & mix biscuits powder amd butter.Take a 9 inch pan and put the mixture into it.Press it so that they are set properly.
4.Take another bowl and add hungcurd + whipped cream .Blend it properly.
5.Mix the gelatine water into the cream bowl & blend till it is combined and smooth.
6.Pour this mixture into the pan .Now drop a few spoons of melted chocolate on it .
7.Use a stick to make some swirls.
8.Keep in the fridge for 5/6 hrs minimum.Enjoy your cheesecake.