Mary Hollifield


Women who have children in their 30s may live longer

Researchers from University of Coimbra in Portugal found that women tend to live longer if they get pregnant later in life - and this is particularly true if they wait to have their first child.

Researchers combined data from EU countries between 2004 & 2013 and looked at the life spans of the women, as well as seeing if they had children and the age in which they had their first. They also examined other factors that would affect a woman's life expectancy.

In their conclusion, the authors wrote:

"There are several determinant factors of women's life expectancy. The most surprising factor is the age of women at pregnancy, which may provide evidence to promote pregnancy in the early 30s.

The study shows that when women have their children later, they tend to live longer," she explained. "On average, women who had a child at 30 had a life expectancy higher than those [who had a child] at 20."