Khana Lazeez



Super delicious

Cuisine: North Indian
Serve as: Drinks

You can beat heat with this Indian drink. Lassis  are very popular across India espescially in the north side of India. I wish I could go there one day and drink lassis in tall metal glasses. Now there are various kinds of lassis made like cardamom lassi, dry fruit lassi, mango lassi, matka lassi, kesar lassi, namkeen lassi etc …… But it’s quite rare to find anywhere Chocolate Lassi. You will have to make them by yourself if you want to have them.

Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 20 minutes

Quantity: 4


Yoghurt 4cups
Chocolate (dairy milk) 3
Chocolate syrup 3-4tbsps
White chocolate (grated) for garnishing

Preparation method

1.Put the yoghurt, Chocolate and sugar in a mixture jar & blend till smooth.

2.Spread 1tsp Chocolate syrup on the  insides the glasses.

3.Pour lassi into the glasses and garnish with white chocolates.

4.Serve chilled lassi.