Joel Crisp


Woman found Maggots crawling inside ketchup dispenser at McDonald's


Maggots and nightmares go hand in hand. But can you imagine maggots on your favorite burger? the nightmare came true for a UK woman who recently found maggots inside a Ketchup dispenser at a McDonald's outlet in Cambridge.

Bella Ritchie shared a stomach-churning video of the 'live maggots' inside the ketchup on her Twitter page.  

Writing on social media yesterday she said:

'Never going near the ketchup in McDonald's again.

I told one member of staff and she literally just ignored me and carried on serving customers.

We had to literally stop someone from eating it because they didn't realise. It's so grim.


A spokesperson for McDonald's said:

"We're extremely sorry to see this, and have tried to get in contact with the customer directly.

"Our condiment area and dispensers should be checked for cleanliness every day and we are looking into what happened here.'"