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Chintakaya / Raw tamarind pachadi

Cuisine: indian
Serve as: lunch

Chintakaya roti pachadi

Season for tender chintakaya / raw tamarind started in my place. 

We make chutney, pappu(dal) with them.

Chintakaya pachadi with green chillies is spicy and tasty. It is a good accompaniment with hot piping rice and ghee.

In my early childhood days people make used it in traditional stone mortar and pestle.

Now a days with the mixer grinders around no one prefer to use mortar and pestle, but for a change this time AMMA made chutney in mortar.


Chintakayalu 5

Green chillis  2

Seasoning :

Chanadal 2 tbs

Cumin seeds/Jeera 1 tbs

Mustard seeds/Avalu 1 tbs

Asofedita/Inguva 1 tbs

Red chillis 4nos

Curry leaves


Oil  2tbs

Preparation Method :

Grind chintakayalu and greenchillis coarsely adding salt and keep aside.

Take a bowl with oil, when heated fry seasoning ingrediants till brownish.

Grind fried seasoning ingrediants well and mix chintakayalu and green chillis paste and again grind together.

Last for more taste fry mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves in a oil and add this to pachadi.

Now tasty chintakaya pachadi is ready.

Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 30 minutes

Quantity: serves 6


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