Charles Blandowski


How to block ads on on-demand and catch-up TV videos

Tired of sitting through the compulsory 3-minute advert breaks on on-demand / catch-up TV?

Open up two browser tabs - Tab A and Tab B - for the same programme and start tab A but don't watch it. After 3 minuts, start tab B and begin watching your show (remember to mute tab A).

When the first commercial break begins, mute Tab B and watch Tab A, where the adverts have just finished.

After 3 minutes, pause Tab A, and fast fowrad Tab B by 6 minutes. Then return to Tab A and continue watching the programme until the next commercial break begins.

At this point, mute Tab A and repoen Tab B where the adverts are just ending. After 3 minutes, pause Tab B and fast forward Tab A by 6 minutes, before going back to Tab B to continue watching.

Repeat this process until the end of your show.

VoilĂ ! Advert-free viewing of your favourite on-demand catch-up programmes.