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Chinese firm builds 350ft artificial waterfall on side of skyscraper

It even has a built-in rainbow.

A company in China has just built a 350ft waterfall on the side of a skyscraper – but because it's so expensive to run (£89/$116/₹8000 per hour ) it's hardly ever turned on.

These incredible photos shows water flowing down the side of the building in Guiyang.

The Liebian Building now has one of the world's largest water features stuck onto the side of it and it looks beautiful.

Not only does it look great, it's also a feat of engineering. There's a massive water tank at the bottom with heavy duty pumps that push the water from the fountain back up the side of the 350ft tall glass-sided building.

When the sun is shining you also get to see an amazing rainbow within the waterfall.

Four large pumps are required to lift the water from a tank to create the 350ft fall which is part of the towering Liebian Building.

It is said to use rain water or recycled tap water to operate.