Barry Mackenzie


Woman saved by heroes on platform after her sari caught in a moving train and dragged along the platform

She's so lucky to be alive.

The horrific moment a woman's sari gets stuck on a train door and she is dragged along a busy train platform has been caught on CCTV.

The woman stood at a train door and attempted to step off as the train began to move and woman's sari stuck on the train door.

By the time she realised the train had already started speeding along the platform of the station in Maharashtra, India.

The woman is then dragged down by the train and along side the platform.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable Raj Kamal Yadav who watched the incident from a distance ran to the woman and desperately tried to pull the woman away from the moving train.

He ran alongside the train pulling at the woman’s arm before he trips and falls, but he helped in keeping her away from ending up under the carriage.

Passengers  on platform also rushed to the woman's care as she continued to be dragged along the platform.

One brave passenger dragged the woman by force away from the speeding train to ensure she did not fall in the gap. Other passengers provided support and the woman is free.

It's believed that the constable sustained minor injuries and was provided with first aid medication before being discharged.  

The woman's condition is believed to be stable and she is being treated in hospital.