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Guys drink over 2,000 beers in less than a month to build 4th July 'beer flag'

Some people just know how to spend their time/money expertly.

Some people just know how to spend their time and money expertly. I’ll let you decide whether you think that applies to these lads. (It’s a yes from me.)

Rain Wiggand, 22, and his friends in Ohio came up with a perfect plan to make a huge Stars and Stripes flag from Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite beer cans.

Of course in the process these cans would have to be emptied somehow. Though it was a chore, the eight dedicated artists got through 2,028 cans of beer.

Rain who prides himself on being able to "drink beer in large amounts at an seriously fast rate", was putting his skills to good use with this challenge.

Rain told about the special place he lives where

"Beer flows down humans throats like water flows off of a waterfall".

He explained:

"In March, I moved to a place where the beer flows down humans throats like water flows off of a waterfall. It’s a small town of about 650 people and it’s called Collins. It’s located in northern Ohio.

I fit right in with the rest of these humans."

Talking about where the inspiration for the flag came from, Rain said:

"I can’t remember how I thought of making my first flag, but I started that one alone for the first month and a half. I had two of my friends from Mount Vernon help me finish the flag. That flag was 442 beer cans. For my new one I wanted to double the dimensions. The previous one was about 5’ x 8’ so the new one would’ve been about 10’ x 16."

"Once I did the maths, the can count was close to 2,000 so I kept adding to the length of the flag until I got over 2,000."

The can count ended up being 2,028 and they did it in 28 days.

Rain and one other guy drank everyday for those 8 days and got through 40% of the flag. There were six other ‘main drinkers’ who made up another 50% of the flag. The last 10% was made up of cans harvested from parties they had at the weekends.

Rain posted their achievement on social media with many people being extremely impressed, but some pointed out their flag only included 42 stars.

In response to these comments Rain said:

I can confirm that there are only 42 stars. I can confirm 100 people have said this. I can confirm 100 people don’t realise how hard it would have been to try and get 50 in while also making it symmetrical (impossible). I can confirm those people are idiots.

I hope to see an even bigger one next year!