Bobby Schuman


Aston Martin's flying car concept is fit for James Bond - which is half car & half flying drone

Drive wherever you want to go fast and in high style - now, maybe even to the sky.

The British luxury automaker unveiled its concept of a flying car, calling it the "Volante Vision Concept".

These three-seater aircraft can take off and land vertically and will use a hybrid powertrain powering multiple propellers.

The car-sized aircraft has a horizontally mounted turbo-prop positioned at the back, while a Y-shaped wing at the front has two pairs of propellers that can both tilt and rotate.

Given the fact that the Volante Vision Concept is the work of Aston Martin, design and luxury have been given prime importance.

It is probably the best looking flying taxi concept I have ever seen. The Volante Vision will be made from lightweight carbon fiber to make it as light as possible and the company claims it will have a top speed of 200mph.

The concept has a massive glass cockpit on which all the information including navigation details will be displayed.

Aston Martin sees its aircraft as a mode of luxury transport for the rich.

And the price? If it were actually for sale, it probably would run around a cool $4 - $5 million.

But hey, no one ever said Aston Martin's come cheap. The high-performance luxury cars are best known as the cars of Bond - James Bond.

I can’t wait to see a working version which might end up as the first flying Aston Martin used in a James Bond movie.