Charlette Stevens


8-year-old battles through the rain to complete her homework after her family became homeless

The family were kicked out of their rented home.

This is the heart touching moment a young girl battles through the rain to complete her homework before school on the street as her mother sleeps beside her.

Her mother Ellen, 40, and sister Alexandra, 4, were sleeping next to the boiler room building having recently been made homeless when husband, Jerry, 42, became sick.

Despite the tough situation, Elaine was determined to finish her school work as she covered her work in a coat during the heavy rainfall and winds.

Little Elaine can be seen trying to hold down the pages of her book as the strong wind keeps blowing them over.

As the rain soaks her - Elaine holds closer over the page while writing with her pencil while continuing to hold the coat over her head to stop the water damaging her schoolbook.

Elaine told passer-by Rolando Villanueva that she wanted to be top of her class and get a good job to help her family.

She told Rolando:

'I want to finish my homework and do well at school. Then I can have a good job and take care of myself and my family. I need to finish the work for the teacher.'

Elaine's father, Jerry, is a tricycle taxi driver but had fallen ill and been unable to work. The family were then kicked out of their rented home, as they could not pay the rent.