Maya Fauchery


This baby Trump balloon will fly over London for the US president’s visit

President Trump may be causing stress all over the world, but many creatives are finding innovative and entertaining ways to protest against the outspoken world leader.

In fact, in preparation for Trump’s visit with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday 13th July, a 6 metre high balloon resembling Trump has been made and will take flight over London’s Parliament Square on the day of his visit.

The balloon is of course a hilarious caricature of the US president, featuring him wearing a nappy holding a cellphone in one of his tiny hands.

The balloon cost whopping £18,000 and the money was raised through a crowdfunding campaign by a group of activists.

They also petitioned for permission for the balloon to be flown over London and surprisingly, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan granted permission for the move.

The helium balloon will be allowed to fly for two hours on the morning of his visit.

Trump supporters may be loud, but Trump rivals are a creative bunch it seems!