Lara Bruce


One photo sums up the spirit of England and their manager Gareth Southgate

Perhaps one of the most iconic sports photographs ever taken. 

England vs Columbia World Cup 2018 - Gareth Southgate comforts Columbian player who missed penalty

In 1996 Gareth Southgate missed a penalty in the shoot-out for England. We lost to Germany in the semi-final of the Euros at Wembley. The hopes of a generation died that night.

On Tuesday night the England manager showed the grand old English trait of being gracious in victory and magnanimous in defeat.

Remember how the German coaching staff took the piss out their Swedish counterparts after Germany scored the winning goal in the last second? Remember how Maradona stuck not just one, but two middle fingers, up at the Nigerian dignitaries when Argentina scored a late winner to send their opposition home?

Well this is how it's done in England. This is perhaps one of the most iconic sports photographs ever taken.

Gareth Southgate opting to console a distraught Colombian who had missed a penalty in the shoot-out instead of leaping about with his players in our moment of victory. 

The greatest story ever told in a single picture.