Tess Christie


Woman comes home to find her partner has turned living room into football pitch

There's something about the World Cup, isn't there? It turns non-football fans into fans, and those who already love the game, makes them act a little strangely.

No one knows this more than Krissy Flowers, who arrived home from a busy day at work only to find her partner Kris Hancock had taken every scrap of furniture out of their living room and converted his living room into a football stadium - complete with a fake grass PITCH.

Pretty impressive, but Krissy did not like it:

She said:

"I couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw this, I shouted, 'Where the f**k is my sofa?' He'd actually piled up all the furniture in one of the bedrooms.

Kris thought it would be a good surprise. He spent £100 ($132) on astro-turf and some goal posts. He's done some silly stuff in this past, but he somehow managed to keep this one quiet so it was a total shock."

That's a fair amount of dedication, and despite Krissy's hesitations, the room seems to be pretty popular with their pals.


She also added

"Some of my friends and family have seen it, I sent some photos on Social Media. People have laughed and said 'oh it's ace', but pretty much everyone agrees that they wouldn't want the surprise of coming home to this!"

Krissy isn't even a football fan but she will be throwing her support after England and Russia - as they are 'both her countries' - so, it'd make for an interesting night if England end up playing Russia, wouldn't it?

Krissy has allowed Kris to keep the living room this way until the end of the World Cup, she's much more understanding than me.