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Malteser vodka cocktails exist and it looks incredible

I can't wait to try this!

Cuisine: Drink
Serve as: Drink

All Malteser fans out there, you can now turn your favourite chocolate indulgence into an incrediblly self-indulgent alcoholic cocktail.

Because if you're after an extra kick in your chocolate milk, then look no further than this vodka-based cocktail inspired by our favourite of Maltesers.

Created by the Malt + Bass bar in Corby, Northamptonshire, this high-calorie beverage combines all my favourite things.

Quite frankly, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this before.

Although I probably would travel all the way up to Northampton and back just for a sweet sip.

But if you're equally as curious about this sickly-sounding beverage then here is what you will need to try it at home.

Prep: 1 minutes
Cook: 1 minutes
Total: 2 minutes

Quantity: As many as you want


  1. Baileys
  2. Honeycomb vodka
  3. Chocolate milk, and
  4. Malt powder

Preparation method

Just combine the above ingredients for full effect.

If you're feeling really fancy, then be sure to drizzle caramel down the sides and finish off with a dusting of Malteser crumbs.