Jude Harris


​Aldi Is Selling A 6ft Inflatable Bouncy Castle For Just £70 just in time for the Bank Holiday

Trick the little ones into burning off all their energy.

British summer time is spoiling us at the moment, with exciting Royal wedding, some beautifully decent heat, and two May bank holidays.

With our Bank holiday just around the corner, as the bargain supermarket Aldi has just started selling six and a half foot inflatable bouncy castles for £69.99.

For almost less than it costs to hire the thing from a private company, you'll get your very own bouncy castle that inflates in a few minutes, plus pump, stakes and a repair kit.


One of Aldi's famous Special Buys, the bouncy castle is apparently available from May 27th in stores all across the country,is available to pre-order online now from their website - I reckon they'll sell out pretty swiftly.

But bouncy castles aren't solely for sale in Aldi, Argos also selling a fairly similar for £64.99 and get a whopping 10ft inflatable castle, complete with miniature slide.