Daniel Gibson


Sweet parents hand out goodie bags to plane passengers in case their babies cry during the flight


Taking babies on their first flight experience can be incredibly daunting for parents.

But one dad with an adorable baby in arm, the charming dad went around the plane and handed out the earplugs with a note from babies, Zed and Jay, to their ‘fellow passengers’

The adorable note read:

Dear fellow passengers,

My name is Zed and I have a young twin brother Jay. We are five months old and would you believe, this is our very first trip on a big plane!

Apparently I am supposed to be excited about this trip but all I can think about is when is my next feed! This short note is just to let me apologise on behalf of my brother as he has a habit of making a bit of a racket whereas Im a perfect ”angel”!

My parents are really hoping both of us can be quiet and you won’t even realise we are here but in case we are, here are a pair of earplugs to hopefully make your journey a little more bearable.

What a fantastic way to divert anger from other passengers.