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Chinese restaurant is offering free food to diners who can fit through metal gate

Atleast one person making through bars every day, They are all female.

A restaurant in China is offering free food and drinks on one condition.  They have to be able to fit through the metal gate.

The owner of the eatery, Zhao Lang in East China, claimed that the promotion campaign serves as a reminder for people to watch their everyday diet.

The restaurant offers customers free food and beer - if they can enter the eatery by fitting through a gap that is only 15cm (5.9in) wide.

A sign marking the width of the bars determines the different types of discounts. 

Inspired by similar challenges trending online recently, Mr Zhao intended the campaign as an entertaining challenge as well as a warning to those who are considered 'overweight'.

Mr Zhao told:

"So many people have told me that they've failed losing weight - just because they can't quit drinking beer.

Maybe this could serve as a reminder to them to keep an eye on their diet."

If a person can fit through the smallest gap, they can enjoy a free meal and free drinks for the entire table. 

The next level of difficulty is at 18cm (7in) - the successful contender will win five beers.

Customers who can fit through the third gap - at 25cm (9.8in) - will be given one free beer.

The next pair of bars, with a width of 30cm (11.8in), offers no discount but a message for those who can fit through: 'Your figure is just average - you shouldn't ask for more.

The last pair of bars - which are 'exceptionally wide' according to owner Zhao Lang - poses a question to the customer: 'Are you sure you should be drinking beer?

Images show customers' hilarious attempts to win the biggest prize - free food and drinks - with some demonstrating effortlessly while some getting stuck in the 15cm-wide bars.

At least one person can make it through the narrowest set of bars every day and they are all female customers.