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L'oreal paris smooth sugar scrub for soft and glowing skin

Because You're Worth It.

One more freebie from lorealskin *****I received two sachets to test, I'm using one now...

  • This sugar scrub is amazing and i would 100% recommend if you want soft and glowing skin. Easy to apply, the instructions were clear, only used half the sample as i don't think you need much for it to work. Smells incredible.
  • Once i used this my skin felt new my face was so soft and left an amazing radiant glow.
  • Very affordable and there is a good variety to chose from the range also...

How to use it:

Smooth a small amount with dry fingers onto clean, dry skin avoiding the eye area. Massage over face with wet fingers. Rinse with warm water. Use 3 times a weekCan also smooth and refine lips, improving theĀ overall look of lips.

Bye-Bye head to bootsuk to buy full size product as it made my skin feel incredible...