Antonietta Udinese


Drunk woman steals plant pot from pub - pub launch appeal to get It back

Nothing says a happy night out like the piece of public property you stole, which has now taken place in the middle of your lounge.

Geordie lass Elise, 28, didn’t go for the traditional traffic cone, beer glass or cutlery but an entire potted plant complete with purple tulips and soil from pub The Brandling Arms

Usually you get away, but Elise was caught on camera, and they put out a call on their social media page for the plant to be returned.

She sent it back with a sorry note and a funny message written in the note.


To, the Brandling Arms

i'm sorry for taking your plant.

I lost the plot!!!

When i seen your post on facebook i soiled.

The pub then thanked her on their social media page for returning the plant unharmed.