Maya Ainsworth


Couple gets 'creepy' note from neighbors who saw them naked

A couple have been left confused and shocked after a note was pushed through their door asking them to close the curtains when they are getting dressed.

Karin 33 and Jay Stone 34, from Lemington, Newcastle, were shocked by the rude note, which comments on the size of their body parts of the couple, after the writer claimed to be able to see through their windows.

The note said:

"Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing.

"We are sick of seeing big bums, big boobs and little willy and we will report you both for indecent exposure.

"Your neighbours."

They reacted by putting up their own note in the window of their house. It read:



Karin, 33, said:

“I don’t understand it, it’s not like we’ve been parading around naked - just living normal life.

It does feel really creepy - I feel like somebody has been peeping.

I’m considering putting a note over both my windows saying ‘stop looking!.

Really it’s just a bit excessive - if they’d just knocked on my door and said there was an issue with privacy, that would have been fine.”

Surely if there is one place you're allowed to be naked, it's in your own house?