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Vegetarian wok fried noodles with tofu - a total bowl of health

Un-Pho-gettable noodles.

Sunday's treat was my all time fav fav un-Pho-gettable vegetarian noodles...a simple take on the classic Vietnamese wok fried noodle.

  • I’ve long been a fan of the Vietnamese Pho restaurant chain in the Trinity Centre, Leeds, England
  • I always go there for their Pho when I'm near the area!
  • It's so amazing, especially when you add some bean sprouts, greens, lime, and lots of chili oil, fried peanut and tofu
  • It's good on its own but the toppings and chili oil elevate it to a whole new level.
  • Simple good Vietnamese food, great prices! Service is great, decor and ambiance is that of a street food place. Great place to grab a quick lunch!
  • Do visit Pho Leeds if you can.... I can't wait to go again!