Jack Kemp


Take to the skies with the £8,665 Lamborghini suitcase - handcrafted in Italy using carbon fiber

If you have been looking for an ultra-stylish trolleycase that matches your Lamborghini Aventador, look no further. The Italian automaker has partnered yet again with high-end luggage company TecknoMonster to create a handmade trolley case crafted out of all the exotic materials used in making Lamborghini supercars.

It is handcrafted in Italy using processes that combine aerospace technologies with the unmatchable craftsmanship of the famous Italian brand.


The luxury travel case is made out of matt carbon processed in an autoclave and features genuine hand-stitched Automobili Lamborghini leather with hexagonal patterns in Squadra Corse green thread.

It also comes with silent mechanical wheel system cut from solid blocks of aluminum in a CNC process and also has carbon fiber telescopic handle. It even open with the style of a super-car.


The Lamborghini suitcase measures 62 x 41 x 21.5 cm and has a capacity of 38 liters. Priced at £8,665($11,722) apiece - takes up to two weeks to make.