Toby Berry

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How to get Sainsbury's Nectar coupons before buying anything

This is a godsend.

I always get so annoyed that Sainsbury's print out Nectar coupons only after I've paid for my shopping which means I lose out on the tripple points or whatever is on offer. I then have to wait until my next shop to use them (or more likely forget to bring them and lose them). Wouldn't it be much better to be able to use them on the shopping you just did?This is how simple it is to get Sainsbury's coupons before you pay for your shopping!

  • Go to a self-service checkout
  • Scan your Nectar card
  • Tap on "pay" for your items without scanning anything
  • The voucher printer will give you all the coupons it was due to give you after you shopped
  • You can now use them on your actual shop