Stephanie Kunz


People are actually buying these 'extreme cut out jeans' for £122

If you find regular jeans too hot, then these are for you.

IN CASE you have found yourself wearing your jeans and thinking, "Its too hot and there’s too much *jean* in these jeans. I would like them to have 99% less jean," then the extreme cut out jeans is for you.

Designer Carmar have taken scissors to trousers and are charging us - the humble consumer - £122 for the trouble.

The ‘extreme cut out jeans’ are available at CARMAR Denim.

Their Extreme Cut Out Jeans are now on sale... with huge holes so that there's hardly any of the material left - as there’s only about 20 grams of material involved.

The Los Angeles-based designers are describing the item as

"a high rise pant with relaxed fit and large statement cutouts on front and back.

CARMAR Denim is a premium denim brand 'catered to the free-spirited generation of today'.

These fabrications entice the carefree attitude of the Carmar girl who always looks for style and comfort," claims the Carmar website."

So what do YOU think of the latest trend? Adding to your summer wardrobe?