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Katy Perry Is selling fruit-scented jelly sandals & they’re already selling out

They're super affordable!

Your favorite trendy shoe has come back around summertime thanks to the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer Katy Perry latest designs.

Perfect for tropical adventures and beachside cocktails and perfect for your summer fun, but with a truly 2018 twist. 

Each style is fruit-scented to match the decorative fruits next to toes, reminding me of scented Sketch markers from elementary school.

These sandals come in green (lime), red (strawberry), white (cherry), pink (watermelon), orange (peach), and yellow (lemon).

I like the idea of the scent because smelly feet in the summer is a real problem! I wear Birkenstocks and your feet get real smelly real quick in those.

These scentd sandals costs £44.68 and you can shop them here. Your summer look has never smelled so good.