Edmondo Ferrari


Amazon is misleading customers with fake reviews paid for by merchants

Cash for glowing reviews anyone?

As you may know, positive reviews on Amazon are one of the most important things for sellers to get their products sold.  The online giant reckons that 99% of reviews on the site are genuine and written by shoppers who have not been paid to do so. Well it turns out that claim is total bullshit. 

Many popular categories such as wireless Bluetooth headphones and speakers are full of fake reviews and often use similar words that people are probably told to cut and paste in.

Amazon merchants target people on social network groups such as the Amazon Review Club and Amazon Reviewers Group, to give positive feedback in exchange for freebies or money. It means that what you're seeing as a high-quality ranking item is far from the truth.

Selling anything on Amazon is hard if you play fair. If you want your product to be competitive, you have to somehow manufacture reviews.

Only a third of reviews of the top 10 product categories are genuine. The other 66% are most likely paid-for and misleading. Because these people are being paid, they leave higher ratings than genuine customers would. 

The next time you shop on Amazon be mindful that people like you and me are being taken advantage of and are ending up buying poor-quality products.