Toby Berry


Kinder chocolate hazelnut eggs - they’re absolutely delicious

More milk, less cocoa.

These lil tiny Kinder Chocolate hazelnut eggs are heavenly.

I got them as part of a 3 for £1 deal. I didn't pay attention to what they were, assuming they'd be mini versions of Kinder eggs with a creamy filling. I didn't realize they were mini versions of Kinder Schoko Bon Milky Bites - one of the most amazing chocolate ever!

There were almost 15 small eggs in the pack, all individually foil-wrapped.

One bite that's it you're hooked. Im truly hooked on these chocolates.

It tasted so yummy with less sickly sweet, and a lot nicer. The small bits of hazelnut added a lovely savoury crunch, whilst the milk chocolate provided a nice contrast of cocoa.

There were just enough eggs in the bag to give a sweet fix without overdoing it.

Too bad they're only around during Easter.  They really need to make these lil eggs available all year round. I'd never stop buying them.

Buy them here.